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Engineering Fabrication Construction


Engineering Fabrication Construction handled steel structure engineering for any kind of steel structure from design till fabrication. The EFC Department was established on 1997, to provides the customer with pre-fabricated steel structure.

For the above purpose, EFC provides standard products component for steel structure standards, which is developed by EFC in Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) concept. With high quality products, ready stock of raw materials, standard product component support from Gunung Steel Group, combines with state-of-the-art CNC machineries and EFC's professional engineering team, customer satisfaction are ensured.

EFC annual production capacity is:
  • Industrial & Commercial Building : approx. 48.000 MT
  • Bridge : approx. 20.000 MT
  • Steel Tower : approx. 18.000 MT
  • Galvanizing Facility : approx. 30.000 MT

3D softwares is used to detail and to draw. The facility will automatically make cutting and drilling drawing, assembly drawing, bill of material and erection drawing. Furthermore, we have nesting and drawing facility for profiles and plates.

  • Design & Analysis : STAAD III Ver. 22.3
  • Detailing : X-Steel Ver 5.4 & SteelCAD Ver 4.1
  • Nesting : Bar Nesting & Auto Nesting
Agus Hermawan
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Arch Bridge 128M - 600 Tons
Bojonegoro - East Java
Arch Bridge A45 - 5.100 Tons,
Box Girder, Pelengkung,
Route Riau - Pekanbaru
Cable Stayed Bridge - 206 Tons
Sukabumi - West Java
PU APBN 2010 Truss Bridge
1.423 Tons - Jakarta


Power Plant 2 x (300-400)MW Coal
18.166 Tons - Rembang -
Central Java
Depo KAI - Depok Construction
829 Tons, Depok - West Java
Warehouse PT.FIG - 500 Tons
Vihara Maitreya - 1.400 Tons
Medan - North Sumatra


Transmission Tower 150 & 500KV Lot 13 - 14.287 Tons, Route 
Tanjung Jati - Central Java
Monumental Tower - 340 Tons
Gorontalo - North Sulawesi
Transmission Tower 500KV Lot 3
2.750 Tons,
Route Tasikmalaya - Depok
Telecommunication Tower 80M
818 Tons Jakarta

Other Project

Drum Steel Cable 250 Unit -
PT. Kabelindo Murni 185 ton
Export to Dubai UEA
Ship Dock - 62 Tons - Jakarta Residential House

International Project / Export

Fabrication Building - 4.625 Tons
Eco Tower Sdn.Bhd (Malaysia)
Power Plant 210MW (Coal Fired) -
1.527 Tons - Mindanao, Philipine
Jetty Bridge Project - 500 Tons - Australia

List of step for ESC construction project:

  1. Quotation

  2. Proposal Drawing

  3. Approval Drawing
    Approval drawings are the structural drawings of erection drawings which are sent to the customer or consultant to verify the design, dimensions and functional requirements. Usually 3- sets of approval dugs are sent. One of which is sent back to us with properly stamped and signed with/ without comments.

    We send these approval dugs with due care so that all drugs are self- explanatory, easy to read by the customer or consultant.

    Approval drawings normally contains:
    • Anchor Bolts lay-out and plan
    • Frame cross-section
    • Roof framing plan
    • Side elevation
    • Longitudinal elevation
    • Roof-sheeting plan
    • Connection detail
    • Accessories and detail
    • Appropriate note, lay-out & assumption

  4. Design Calculation
    Design calculation is the document for structural analysis and design procedures for the main structural components of the building. Design calculation report is usually submitted when it is required by the customer. No approval is required by the customer for the design calculation. Gunung Garuda takes full responsibility of structural safety of the building.

    For design without specific requirements, we will design the building in accordance to the following codes:

    1. AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) Manual, 1989 edition
    2. MBMA (Metal Buildings Manufactures Association) Manual, 1996 edition
    3. AWS (American Welding Society) Manual, 1996 edition

  5. Shop Drawing (Cutting Drawing, Assembly Drawing)
    Shop drawing is the Gunung Garuda internal fabrication drawings based on components which are all prepared in our own workshop. We use high precision 3- D modeling software to prepare the shop-drawing with high degree of accuracy in a minimum amount of time.
    1. Cutting drawing (or, component drug) which are fit to cut, drill, punch, notch etc. by our CNC machine)
    2. Assembly drawing, which is used to fabricate all components in our workshop

  6. Bill of Material
    Bill of material (BOM) is the history report of all the structural component to be used for the structure. Once the shop drawing is in drum, BOM comes and automatically from the 3- D modelling software which gives better efficiency and minimize human error.

  7. Packing List
    Packing list is the list of materials that have been packed and ready to be delivered to costumers based on marking which is significant to the delivery list.

    List of materials, as follows:

    1. The following material standard/class or group needs structure
    2. Quantity/unit of amount
    3. Marking
    4. Weight
    5. Data of container's number
    6. Number of seal

  8. Container Unloading
    This manual describes pictorially with appropriate explanation about the unloading procedure of the material at the erection site. Container unloading manual helps the erector to remove all the material with prospect attention, quicker and faster way without any damage.

  9. Erection Drawing
    This is the standard manual which describes vividly what measures are to be taken and what erection equipments are to be procured for the easy, faster and safe erection of the building.

    Erection drawings are the drawings which are sent to the customer/erector to build the structure at site. It describes how to erect the building. To have a proper visualization we issue a 3 dimension perspective view with the all cross-sectional and detail drawings.

    Our erection drawings are well explained and properly presented. No pre-assumption and specific knowledge for steel building erection are required to understand these drawings.

  10. Erection Guide (Contractor)
ESC Plant Facilities

Workshop Fabrication (SSC)
(Cutting, Drilling, Punching, Bending)

Space : ± 40.500 sqm
5 Ton Overhead Crane : 18 Units
10 Ton Overhead Crane : 6 Units

Workshop Assembly

Space : ± 6.000 sqm
5 Ton Overhead Crane : 6 Units
10 Ton Overhead Crane : 2 Units
25 Ton Overhead Crane : 1 Units

Workshop Trial Erection

Space : ± 2.000 sqm
5 Ton Overhead Crane : 2 Units
10 Ton Overhead Crane : 2 Units
25 Ton Overhead Crane : 1 Units

Workshop Painting & Packing

Space : ± 6.000 sqm
5 Ton Overhead Crane : 3 Units
10 Ton Overhead Crane : 1 Units
25 Ton Overhead Crane : 1 Units

Workshop Galvanizing (PT. Bukit Terang Galvanizing)

Space : ± 8.500 sqm
5 Ton Overhead Crane : 4 Units
10 Ton Overhead Crane : 2 Units
Fork Lift : 4 Units

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Plasma Cutting, Punching, Marking (plate)

Drilling, Punching & Shearing

Shearing (Plate)

Drilling (Plate)

Drilling (Plate)

Straightening (Beam)

Cutting & Drilling



Tack Welding (Welded Beam)

Welding (Welded Beam/Hollow Section)

Angle Punching, Cutting, Marking, Bending, Notching

Angle Bending

Angle Bending

Bending / Press Break

Oxy Cutting





Shot Blasting & Painting

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ISO 9001:2008 Gunung Raja Paksi - Engineering Service Center

ISO 9001:2008 Gunung Garuda - Engineering Service Center

OHSAS 18001:1999 Gunung Raja Paksi - Engineering Service Center

OHSAS 18001:1999 Gunung Garuda-Engineering Service Center

Kartu Tanda Anggota - Asosiasi Pengusaha Konstruksi Indonesia (ASPEKINDO)

Sertifikat Badan Usaha Jasa Pelaksanan Konstruksi (ASPEKINDO)

Izin Usaha Jasa Konstruksi Nasional

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