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Indobuildtech 2014

Rangkaian program Pameran 5th Indobuildtech Expo 2014 akan dilangsungkan di 8 kota Indonesia selama rentang waktu tahun 2014, dimulai dari Bali dan berakhir di Bandung, manfaatkan kehadiran pameran ini di kota anda untuk terus menggali informasi mengenai bangunan, desain interior, material, manufaktur, arsitektur dan segala hal yang berhubungan dengan infrastuktur dan bangunan.


PT. Gunung Gahapi Sakti



Achieving fast growth and good reputation, the company had made rapid development in steel manufacturing technology to provide a wider range of production to fulfill domestic demand as well as international demand.

PT. Gunung Gahapi Sakti is a merger company of PT. Gunung Gahapi (established in 1970) and PT. Gunung Sakti (established in 1978). Both companies are located in the same compound in Medan, Indonesia. By the merger in 1978, PT. Gunung Gahapi Sakti shared an area of approximately 30 hectares.

The company applies modern and advanced technology on every production process to ensure maximum quality of the products.

Skillful staff with sophisticated machineries and laboratory testing equipment under strictly quality control had been implemented principally to ensure the quality of every single product which confirm to Standard National Indonesia (SNI) and other international standard such as ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS, etc.


The products of PT. Gunung Gahapi Sakti accommodate wide scope of industrial and construction needs.


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