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Construction of Gahapi-Nanjing $200 million steel mill begins

Industry Minister MS Hidayat on Friday kicked off construction of a US$200 million integrated blast furnace by a joint venture company in Medan, North Sumatra.

“I, on behalf of the Indonesian government, entrust this investment so it can develop in North Sumatra, which is hoped to be a center of development for Indonesia’s strategic industries due to its huge potential,” he said during the groundbreaking ceremony.

Construction of the steel mill is being carried out by PT Gunung Gahapi Nisco Indonesia, a joint venture between Indonesian steel maker PT Gunung Gahapi Sakti and China’s Nanjing Iron and Steel Co.


PT. Gunung Garuda



PT. Gunung Garuda were the first company to manufacture structural steel products and hot rolled steel sections in Southeast Asia.

PT. Gunung Garuda (GG) was first established in 1986, producing hot rolled steel profiles. We were also the first company to produce structural steel products in Southeast Asia. The company was earlier producing H-Beams and wide flange beams and then production facilities were added to produce fabricated beams. Today, PT. Gunung Garuda is one of the largest and most dominant steel company in South East Asia, due to continuous investments in advanced technology and human resources, ever since its inception. With over 27 years of steel making experience, PT. Gunung Garuda is proud of maintaining the same commitments to quality, ensuring continuous customer satisfaction and its contribution towards the development of Indonesia.

GG has two divisions that supports its production and services :


  • Engineering Service Center
    The Engineering Service Center (SSC) handled steel structure engineering for various types of steel structure--from designs to fabrication. ESC provides standard components built by Gunung Steel Group under the concept of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), which is supported by the availability of ready for use basic material, efficient machines and high quality products.
  • Steel Service Center
    The Steel Service Center (SSC) brings to you the most high quality service for steel manufacturing and fabrication with the most advanced and precise computerized machines like CNC sawing machines, CNC drilling, cutting, punching, bending machines, machines for galvanizing & shot blasting etc


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