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Indobuildtech 2014

Rangkaian program Pameran 5th Indobuildtech Expo 2014 akan dilangsungkan di 8 kota Indonesia selama rentang waktu tahun 2014, dimulai dari Bali dan berakhir di Bandung, manfaatkan kehadiran pameran ini di kota anda untuk terus menggali informasi mengenai bangunan, desain interior, material, manufaktur, arsitektur dan segala hal yang berhubungan dengan infrastuktur dan bangunan.


PT. Gunung Steel Construction


With full support from the Gunung Steel Group as the parent company, as well as responsibilities as children of the nation, to further improve and advance the world of construction, design, engineering and dyeing services (galvanizing) in Indonesia.

Departing from the above September, 2010 established a new core business at Gunung Steel Group, namely PT. Gunung Steel Construction within which consists of PT. Bukit Terang Paksi Galvanizing which merged (joined) to the Division of the Bukit Terang Galvanize (BTG), and Department of Engineering Service Center in the merger into the Division Engineering Fabrication Construction (EFC).

PT. Bukit Terang Paksi Galvanizing (Bukit Terang Galvanize Division) was established in 1997 is a company based immersion Services (Galvanizing) while the Department of Engineering Service Center (Division of Engineering Fabrication Construction) stands September 1997 is a special division that handles service Design, Construction and Manufacturing engineering as well as the has experienced.

Support the machinery of modern production, work procedures are effective, efficient and human resources that are innovative, creative, reliable, professional and high integrity encourage PT. Gunung Steel Construction for the better known both in the construction world environments such as: employers, contractors, consultants, general public, state institutions at central and local levels, both inside and outside the country.

With all the potential, the advantages that we have, appreciate the support of all employees and management Gunung Steel Group on our performance so far, and the future of PT. Gunung Steel Construction can hopefully get a position and continue to be taken into account in national and international arena in the field.

PT. Gunung Steel Construction launch a new website in 2013 :


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